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Inky Page by Malte279 Inky Page :iconmalte279:Malte279 4 2 Inky Page (vector) by Malte279 Inky Page (vector) :iconmalte279:Malte279 3 2 Iron Wings by Malte279 Iron Wings :iconmalte279:Malte279 6 3 Iron Wings (vector) by Malte279 Iron Wings (vector) :iconmalte279:Malte279 5 0 ''Greencloud'' - (Soot-camouflaged Woodwinger) by Malte279 ''Greencloud'' - (Soot-camouflaged Woodwinger) :iconmalte279:Malte279 9 2 Sooty Little Mane by Malte279 Sooty Little Mane :iconmalte279:Malte279 9 2 Sooty Little Mane (vector) by Malte279 Sooty Little Mane (vector) :iconmalte279:Malte279 5 4 Making-of Shining Armor pendant by Malte279 Making-of Shining Armor pendant :iconmalte279:Malte279 9 4 Rainbow Falcon origami - Tribute to ChrisTheS by Malte279 Rainbow Falcon origami - Tribute to ChrisTheS :iconmalte279:Malte279 55 10 Slow Drops (vector) by Malte279 Slow Drops (vector) :iconmalte279:Malte279 7 2 Slowdrops by Malte279 Slowdrops :iconmalte279:Malte279 9 2 Corporal Copperhead and Sergant Swift Streaks by Malte279 Corporal Copperhead and Sergant Swift Streaks :iconmalte279:Malte279 6 0 Little Leafhem by Malte279 Little Leafhem :iconmalte279:Malte279 25 2 Return from the night shift (colour) by Malte279 Return from the night shift (colour) :iconmalte279:Malte279 25 3 Return from the night shift - pyrography by Malte279 Return from the night shift - pyrography :iconmalte279:Malte279 23 3 Return from the night shift (outlines) by Malte279 Return from the night shift (outlines) :iconmalte279:Malte279 13 3


by iSeppe

This is a very beautiful, emotional and atmospheric piece of art. You created. The expression of Nightmare Moon conveys the mixture of ...

I really like this image very much! It may have drawn inspiration from the glass window images we have seen in pony contexts throughout...

This is a very beautiful chalk drawing of Celestia. You got the proportions right and I very much like the posture. The raised right fr...

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Welcome to my Deviantart page :)
My name is Malte, though many call me Mike since Malte turns out to be tricky to pronounce to most native English speakers.
While I got a deviantart account back in 2007 it has been only after my "joining the herd" that I became more active on here and started posting new art more regularly.
I'm somewhat versatile when it comes to art and very much enjoy trying out various forms of art (vectors, soapstone carvings, origami scenes etc.).
I'm also extremely interested in history and turned this interest into a profession by teaching history (and English) at "Volkshochschulen" (education centers for adults).
Please feel heartily invited to look around and comment on my art (constructive criticism is always very welcome and helps me to improve future projects).
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask :)


Inky Page
For a long time Inky Page was a bit of a mystery to the players of our pen and paper role play game group. They had heard of her long before they first met her but what they knew didn't tell them what exactly to make of her. She is an earthpony originially from Trottingham but left the town on the Griffish Isles because of her extreme thirst for knowledge (which could not be satisfied in the Trottingham of our game setting (a bit of a medieval frontiertown with rather limited means of education). She belonged to the organization of our antagonists and is the mother of Little Mane with Backfire as the father. As mentioned before, Backfire deserted the organization, but Inky Page not only stayed but also rose to high rank. Moreover, in spite of having never met her directly the group had had to deal with her before. She had been on a spying mission in Canterlot while our group had been there and stolen a book that constituted an important piece of evidence. At the same time however our group had received a number of messages in a secret, hoofprint based script and throughout the course of the Cloudsdale part of the adventure it turned out that it had been her sending those messages and that she was a double agent. At the same time she had to keep up the pretence of working for our antagonists.
Unable to get up to Cloudsdale at first (because of the events in Canterlot the guards would look for her and risk would have been high to be recognized and arrested), she was waiting in the forests below where she managed to meet members of the group. There also was the zebra Ota Densi (whose crucial role would take half a fanfiction to describe) and together the two could pass on the information to the group that Leafhelm was alive and in a tower on an island of the shore of Trottingham, where the next chapter of our RPG took place.
The Cloudsdale chapter had one more climactic moment with the largest brawl we've had in the game involving no less than 31 one named characters (though admittedly the 11 griffon mercenaries Grill, Grim, Greed, Goldy, Garrulus, Grumple, Griff, Gratton, Guido, Gmorg and Golrog had a rather limited degree of time in the game and therefore limited personality). The most important part about that brawl was that it gave Inky Page and Backfire the chance to stage quite a dramatic performance of the former apparently knocking the later from a cloud to his final fall, thereby earning Inky Page a reputation of absolute loyalty and zeal in the group of our antagonists (where she can continue to try to bring down that organization from inside out) while Backfire is now presumed dead by that organization and will therefore no longer be hunted for. The story arc for Inky Page is to this day not concluded, but it may well be in a future game.

Thanks and credit for the background of this image go to sakatagintoki117 :iconsakatagintoki117:
There is also a version of her without the cloak showing her cutie mark:
Inky Page02 background by sakatagintoki117 by Malte279 
Inky Page (vector)
This is a vectorization of Inky Page, a NPC in a pen and paper RPG I am playing with friends.
You are welcome to use this vector in your art if you credit me and send me a link to your work.
There is also a verion of her withouth the cloak including her cutie mark:
Inky Page01 by Malte279 
Iron Wings
Up in Cloudsdale the remaining members of our pen and paper RPG group came across Iron Wings, one of the harshest characters in our game. It was probably good luck that by the time they first came across him Iron Wings had no idea that they belonged to a group working against the organization he belongs to.
He was sent to Cloudsdale to look for two other adversaries of the organization who were rumored to hide in Cloudsdale.
While not being the brightest bulb in the chandelier Iron Wings is extremely strong and sturdy, very short tempered, ruthless and has particularly unequestrian ideas about the superiority of pegasi and thinking of the union of the three tribes as despicable (remember that our game is set in a time only some 30 years after the first hearth's warming, so it is possible that such racist / tribeist ideas still have a dwindling group of adherents).
He was meant to be a very unpleasant character. However I made sure that every character in the game, no matter how much of an enemy, had at least one positive quality. In case of Iron Wings (though this never really manifested during the game) it would have been a strong protective sense for the pegasi foal Little Mane who, as the son of the unicorn Backfire and the earthpony Inky Page represented pretty much everything that Iron Wings detested with regard to "mingling of the tribes".

Thanks and credit for the background of this image go to Anunium :iconanunium:
''Greencloud'' - (Soot-camouflaged Woodwinger)
Little Mane was not the only soot-camouflaged character the group of our pen and paper RPG encountered in Cloudsdale. A soot-blackened Pegasus styling himself as "Greencloud" turned out to be Woodwinger, the very same pony who had been in a very high rank in the organization we were working against and who had left said organization after we had opened his eyes with some proof about the vicious intentions of their leader.
However, Woodwinger was well aware that this organization was not the kind where you just resign and walk away (Shut Eye had paid a high price (not her life) for the attempt), especially not with the kind of delicate knowledge about the organization, its plans and their leader that Woodwinger had gained through his high rank within the organization.
So for a while now Woodwinger had been on the run, changed the style of his mane and tail, sooted his coat and tinted his Cutie Mark to adopt a fake identity to hide from any pursuers from that organization. It had also been Woodwinger's old uniform that the members of our group had seen worn by Slowdrops.
Ironically Woodwinger himself, while in the organization, had pursued the "deserter" Backfire who was at this very time hiding within Cloudsdale too. To top it all Little Mane (Backfire's foal son) ran / flew into the camouflaged Woodwinger. Far too young for being either a member of the organization or for understanding their schemes Little Mane (an bundle of energy and explorative spirit) had just flown off. Since Little Mane's mother, Inky Page (more on her later) was still in the organization and had risen to high rank after the previous events Woodwinger expected that pursuers of the organization would be after Little Mane too.
Maybe to make up for some of his earlier actions Woodwinger camouflaged Little Mane too and hoped to find Backfire, not as a pursuer but a companion in misfortune, and unite him with his son. Seeking not to draw any attention Woodwinger had sent Little Mane to our group with the letter with the order not to search for him. Obviously that only increased their efforts to find the author of said letter.

Thanks and credit for the background of this image go to Anunium :iconanunium:
I got the news that send me hopping around my place and giggling insanely for quite a while :D (Big Grin)
My sister has given birth to a beautiful daughter today and I have become an uncle.
Last year I mentioned I got the news that she was comming during my return from the GalaCon but now she is there!
I feel like giving a hug to the entire world!


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